Straightpoint CableSafe Rope Tension Meter
Straightpoint CableSafe Rope Tension Meter

Remote monitoring & recording using FREE smart phone App via Bluetooth
HHP App offers realtime display of data (with user-selected units of Te, Kg, kN, and Lb)
HHP App also offers continuous datalogging into a user-named file
The Straightpoint CableSafe Rope Tension Meter is the continued evolution of SPs running line tensiometers. Compatible with a wide range of rope and electrical cable diameters 4-30mm. When using a capstan winch to unwind electrical cable from a reel/spool, you will be able to integrate the CableSafe within this setup to ensure that it is being pulled at a safe tension level. This helps the line maintain its transmissions capability, prevent it from becoming a fire hazard risk, and it also stops the need for furthering work in order to remove and replace it. The contractor is gifted with decreased liability and dramatically increased peace of mind.

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